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After installing Marble Skin the protected surface is warrantied to be acid, alkaline, water and oil-proof for a period of 10 years from the date of installation for any interior residential, commercial or hospitality associated environments. 


Marble Skin is designed to be removable-and-replaceable.

Historically, the decision to replace the protective surface film is based upon personal preference.  Hotels replace every 8-10 years

High traffic restaurants and bars every 1-5 years

Residential customers every 4-8 years.

Marble Skin is heat resistant, chemical resistant, and greatly reduces impact marks on stone tops. Although Marble Skin will scratch, the protected stone never will.

Care-and-Maintenance is done with dish soap and water followed by a dry microfiber towel.


Use still must use a cutting board. Do not cut, chop, or slice on your counter tops. The protective surface film can be cut and scratched.